GPS Time Server NTS-3000
NTS-3000 server delivers the time directly into LAN/WAN network using NTP and SNTP protocols. UTC time is drawn from GPS system and/or optionally, via DCF77 radio waves. There is double GPS receiver version available for time critical application. In the case of failure of antennas, NTS-3000 is switched over to internal clocks. GSM/GPRS module is available for independent time tracking and APN/VPN networking.

GPS/Rubidium Time Server NTS-5000
NTS-5000 UTC time is drawn from advanced rubidium generator stabilized in PLL/FLL system against GPS pattern (1PPS). Once the initial synchronization is completed NTS-5000 does not require further GPS reception and can operate independently.  NTS-5000 guarantees high precision and is provided for operation in difficult conditions (e.g. GPS signal fadeout).

GPS/Rubidium/OCXO Time Server NTS-7000
NTS-7000 is equipped with two independent generators (Rubidium, OCXO) It is dedicated for time critical and time fail tolerance networks. In order to guarantee ultimate safety level for laboratory and machinery, GPS antenna and the server have been connected by fiber optic wiring. GPS antenna supply has been separated from the application with solar battery system.

Ceasium Beam Time Server NTS-9000
NTS-9000 UTC time is drawn from internal ceasium generator synchronized by GPS. It is provided for operation in extremely difficult conditions and for military applications. Trade of NTS-9000 server is limited and, if exported/imported, requires relevant certificates and license.

DCF PC Clock (DCF77N
DCF PC Clock provides the exact time via the RS232 interface to the PC. Local Central European time is drawn from DCF77 radio 77kHz long waves. It is available in Germany, Benelux, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Rep, Slovakia and Poland.  It used in the absence of LAN or whenever the use of NTP is impossible or unjustified.

GPS PC Clock
GPS PC Clock provides the exact time via the RS232 interface to the PC. It supports both*: local (Central European Ttime) or UTC. Time is drawn from GPS world wide signal. Unit operates in several factory preset modes including: Motorola Timing (real mode), Motorola M12 (real mode), Trimble GPS (emulation), DCF77 (emulation), Elproma DCF/GPS PC Clock compatibility mode.